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I am a yoga instructor based in West London, teaching vinyasa flow, slow flow and more restorative classes (yin and hatha). I am also a course leader with Yoga London, one of the largest yoga teacher training schools in the UK, where I give lectures on various aspects of yoga (from asana to philosophy, meditation, pranayama and teaching methodology) and guide students on their journey towards becoming yoga teachers themselves.


I am also trained in pregnancy and postnatal yoga, having done both trainings while going through those precious life phases myself.

Yoga is a very personal way to connect with yourself. I thrive to encourage my students to find their own expression of poses and to develop a practice that is unique to them. No body is the same and they should be nurtured in different ways. Whether you're a gymnast, a runner, a desk worker, a busy mum, or a stressed out London banker, I believe Yoga is for everyone and I will help you find what works best for you.

My classes are focused on moving with the breath, connecting to the present moment and how we feel, tuning in with what is happening here and now. I also like to introduce more philosophical themes so that the practice is not just physical, but also offers an opportunity to step back and reflect.

Our body is our vessel for this life, and by taking good care of it with a regular yoga practice, we also nurture our mind. I aim at making my students feel more grounded, balanced, relaxed and happy by the end of the class.

Yoga with Anaïs

Weekly online yoga classes

Yoga for all, pregnancy friendly

Tuesdays, 12:15 to 13:15

Yoga doux

Les mercredis, 9h - 10h (heure de Paris)

£10 full price

£5 discount for reduced incomes

Studio Classes
Temporarily on hold
Yoga at work

Take a moment to step back from the hustle and bustle of your work day. Classes aim at reducing stress, and undoing the effects of sitting for long periods of time.


From £80 per hour

(depending on location and number of attendees)

Yoga at home

Whether you're dealing with an injury, wanting to delve deeper in your practice or simply can't get to a studio, let Yoga come to you. Classes tailored to your needs, in the privacy of your own home.

From £80

(depending on location, possibility to split the cost with a friend or two)

Anais is a great teacher, funny and attentive, who got me hooked to yoga after the first session! I love her classes, which are always gentle yet dynamic, cover different styles of yoga and are everything but boring! She pays a lot of attention to her students and their alignment and any difficulty/pain we might experiment. She always gives me great physical advice and has a lot f knowledge about nutrition too, which she's always keen to share. She's helped me a lot in my journey to a better, healthier, more peaceful self!
Benjamin B.
Anaïs introduced me to the Yoga world, and my experience has always been extremely enjoyable. She does lift your spirits with deep philosophy and manages to convince you there's nothing you cannot do. I have learned not only to know my body, but also to respect it, to feel it and to use my own limitations to my advantage. The pace is relaxed, very friendly, and her regular use of original Sanskrit names for each asana gives it all a very genuine atmosphere. Anaïs observes and helps, corrects or adjusts, reminding you constantly there is barely any right or wrong: there is mainly you and now.
Gabriel C.

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